Introductory Offer

£250 Half Day 1 to 1 Session

A personalised session, working with you to focus on identifying new and more profitable clients.

Understand the potential for your market and the most time and cost-effective way of engaging with new customers.

The session will create a plan of action, to focus on your go to market strategy, potential partners and routes to market.

For more information or to register for your session, please email [email protected] or call 01392 247947.

Friendly, specialist help and guidance on growing your business

Personalised half or full day Business Growth session to create your growth strategy.

Identify your prospective customers, where they are and how you can access them.

Explore channel partners as a route to market or working with partners to arrange mutually beneficial introductions.

How to effectively articulate your value proposition and create a successful sales strategy.

Half or full day 1-2-1 go to market strategy sessions

● How to find new customers

● How to add additional value and generate incremental revenue from existing customers

● What do your customers want to hear?

● The most time and cost-effective way of growing revenue

● Perfecting the way you explain your product or service

● How to create customer referrals

● How to research new markets

● How to negotiate the price of what you provide

● How to plan your business growth

Specialist help for Accelerating Business Growth

We specialise in:

● Establish clear-cut and achievable goals for your business

● Plot a course from where you are, to where you would like to be

● Address problems in scaling your business, finding new customers or exploring different routes to market

● Look at creating scalable operations to support sustainable growth

Integrating Business into Education.

Bridging the gap between business and education, by offering business growth advice to companies keen to enter or expand in the South West Education market and by sharing business skills and knowledge to students to help prepare the next generation of employees and entrepreneurs.


Education Services

Working with schools to help them generate revenue, drive down costs, manage risk and ensure business continuity.

Business Services

Advising and coaching public and private sector businesses keen to enter or expand their operations in the South West education market.

Some of the businesses we have helped to innovate growth

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Business Finance Society
Farsight Conservation
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What our clients say about us

Stage Engage

Audio, Visual, Stage Lighting, Stage & Hire

"David is a very experienced and multi-talented businessman with a wealth of knowledge, contacts and know-how. I approached David through the Growth Accelerator scheme, and he really helped me "get my ducks in a row." David focused on getting to know our company and its ethos and also mentoring me as an individual. He has a deep understanding of the events and conferences business, within which he was able to innovate our go to market strategy, which has already shown a positive impact on our bottom line. His infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude has been contagious and he has gone out of his way to broker relationships. I now feel clear minded and focused about what I want to achieve with my business and how to go about it. I would have no hesitation in recommending David to other business's requiring expert advice and guidance."

Chris Ablett, Managing Director

The Lightworks

Transforming personal potential in schools

"So much current business consultancy and coaching links the prospect of growth and transformation to various formulas and models - frequently comprising of “X” numbers of steps - together with time-consuming exercises to establish what transpire to be negligible issues.


All this - regardless of the individual operation and prevailing market conditions.


Working with David throughout the last six months has been a refreshing contrast - through a very grounded and practical approach that has proven to be a vital catalyst in creating a clear vision and strategy to both consolidate and further develop the market reach and operational structure of


Naturally, the Business Growth tools lay at the heart of the initial process, enabling an analysis of current activity and future projections. But the prime difference continues to be how David transforms their application by drawing on his considerable pragmatic experience of running his own flourishing businesses.


Rather than apply theoretical constructs, David has continuously worked to help realise identified facets and milestones through generously sharing and activating his personal strategic networks - that has already resulted in potential new projects and markets. David’s subsequent support in terms of very practical advice and knowledge has also played a significant role in creating more effective personal perspectives and action in moving forwards.

Not merely a consultant - the last six months has been more like working with my own active business partner. And I would not hesitate to continue engaging David’s energy, expertise, insight, determination and patience as a key factor in the future development of"

Dave Read, Founder


Academic Diaries and Teacher's Planners

"David has not only been a great business coach, but I have really enjoyed working with him.

He has enabled me to develop in my role as Operations Director, has pro-actively challenged and encouraged me to develop my skills and has facilitated the growth of my company. He was able to identify the key areas on which we needed to focus and by utilising his significant experience in go to market strategies, was able to innovate the way in which we approach our market.

I can highly recommend David as a business coach and mentor, who can give new insights into the barriers holding your business back and the identification of potential opportunities to grow your business."

Kevin McGovern, Operations Director


Children’s Sports brand and fitness movement

"It is very easy to feel alone when starting a new business, however David’s advice is so educated, objective, clear and concise, that I feel I have a real force in my corner. The support and encouragement is backed up with real contacts and a very generous invitation into his little black book. David is held in extremely high regard within his circles and his professional introductions have proved paramount in getting Wellity off the ground. There is no waffle and each meeting pushes me forward with renewed enthusiasm, vigour and a strategic plan to develop income streams and challenge the model while remaining rue to its original ethos and concept. I thoroughly recommend David and his team."

Simon Scott-Nelson, Director

West Exe Secondary School

"I started working with David just over two years ago when he invited me to put forward a team to compete in the ZENEN Business Challenge.  David is an amazingly generous person with a real passion for bringing enterprise to life in schools.  He sees the potential in young people and has a knack for engaging them and letting them see the possibilities; encouraging them to try new ideas with a 'why not?' approach.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending David and I personally value all the time and effort he has put into our projects.   He is always at the end of a phone or email and always with an answer or contact to help us help our students.  One of David's greatest qualities is his calm, matter-of-fact manner and his ability to inspire students; often by simply showing them that he takes their ideas seriously.

To say 'schools need people like David if they are to effectively bridge the gap between workplace and classroom' is true, however, what they really need IS David!"

Julie Poynsenby Head of Business, Computing & Enterprise

University Of Exeter

"Having worked on a startup for the last year, I can easily say that David is one of the key people responsible for the success that I’ve achieved. It is incredible to see a person with his experience that is so open to helping students. I first met him at a Go to Market workshop that he led at the Innovation Centre. He left me impressed with the engagement levels that he had achieved with the audience. David is not just an expert in the area of business coaching, he is also an excellent communicator who knows how to get people in the right state of mind to open up and unleash their potential. Therefore, I can’t recommend him enough to anyone that is in need of strategic advice.”

Young Enterprise

"David has been a tremendous asset to the Devon Young Enterprise Board as he brings a depth of knowledge in the education sector which has been invaluable in helping us plan and manage our strategy. I can definitely recommend David to anyone wishing extensive and comprehensive knowledge of our education sector."

Ian McGregor, Chair YE Devon Local Volunteer Board

One Third Stories

A new approach to learning languages
"David mentored me while I was a student at Exeter and had a side-project working to teach children languages. He was the first official mentor I had and provided me with valuable guidance in the business sense, as well as my chosen field of education. As well as advice, he provided me with some very valuable contacts that allowed my start-up to progress and be where it is now."
Alex Somervell, Co-Founder
N.B. Alex’s company turned down the offer of funding on Dragon’s Den and is currently valued at £2.6m.

Online fitness training
"David and I first met to discuss my fitness business idea. Since then he has become invaluable to me as a mentor. Our regular meetings provide me with direction, clarity and forward-thinking business advice, which helps me to progress week upon week. Together we have developed a minimum viable product and David has helped me to refine my go to market strategy using his wealth of business experience. I recommend David to anyone seeking an experienced coach and mentor for their business, as he provides a rare combination of grounded support with high level lateral thinking."
Jack Lenton, Founder

Business & Finance Society

University of Exeter
"Ever since our initial meeting, every time David and I have met I have left the meeting with a clear actionable plan of what it is my idea or business needs in order to progress.
Often this has been as a result of talking though the business model, market, customers or other, and reverse engineering what it is I need to complete. Moreover, whenever I have needed to gain additional knowledge of an area, David has been able to offer me access to his network and contacts, who have been able to shed light on what I’ve been struggling with.
Having access to David has been fantastic in talking over my entrepreneurial endeavours and also any questions or issues I have as a student. Having a mentor to give blunt and honest advice and direction has hugely aided my development."
Josh Ash, President & Student Entrepreneur
Complete Dining Club
Innovative student business to encourage diners to eat at Devon’s best independent cafes and restaurants
"My experience with Mr Solomides has always shown that he consistently finds and makes the time to work with young entrepreneurs. He has a passion for helping others find their success no matter what the industry. David will always have constructive insight, feedback or advice to guide you into an area that you have never considered before. He is excellent at helping you step back, take a deep breath and takes a more holistic view of your situation."
Will Baker, Director

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