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Working with Schools

Working with schools to help them GENERATE REVENUE and DRIVE DOWN COSTS, to ensure that more money is retained in education.

Risk and Business Continuity Management

Every school wants to reduce its exposure to risk and needs to get back up and running as quickly as possible after disaster strikes. At ZENEN we don’t leave risk management and business continuity to chance, which is why we provide: Dynamic Risk and Business Continuity Planning and Management Services and Software to protect your environment, ensuring that you don’t get caught out and left at the mercy of unintended consequences.

Collaborative Procurement

Working with Learing Communities, Academy Chains, Federations, Academic Councils and other school groups to identify commonly procured products and services and negotiate collaborative procurement arrangements. 

Working with Students

Helping students bridge the gap between education and the workplace by sharing business skills and knowledge to help prepare the next generation of employees and entrepreneurs.