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Zenen is proud to have worked with a variety of partners and has a wide variety of working relationships - see David Solomides testimonials below. For further information or questions, please email us at
  • David Gillham
    Commercial Director at Acquire Services

    I worked with David over a period of months and was impressed by the calmness and authority that he brought to the joint ventures we pursued. With a strong professional grounding and wide reaching relationships with his clients, we were able to get straight to the decision makers and pool the best of our respective organisations to good effect. A good guy to have on your side...

  • Charles Lee

    David is a straight-talking, strategic leader whose integrity, confidence and expertise enable him to communicate effectively and inspire confidence at all levels within an organisation. In my experience he is able to lead staff through significant business transformation while maintaining their morale and loyalty. He is very focused on the customer experience and has a clear and balanced approach to reducing costs and increasing sales. My team worked with David to provide financial technology support. This was made easier by his ability to grasp quickly the requirements of the business and the areas in which efficiencies could be gained by better application of technology. We were then able to address these areas in a structured and collaborative manner in which David was an active partner

  • Ken Lythgoe
    Head of Channel Sales at Airangel

    I have no hesitation recommending David, we have worked together within collaborating companies sourcing third party partners, developing proposals and rolling out go to market strategies. David has a proactive approach to business development, keen to discuss a strategy, develop a plan and follow through. He viewed each as his partners as an opportunity for true business collaboration, demonstrating real value for all involved. I would be delighted to work with David again in the future and am reassured that if the opportunity exists, he will make it happen.

  • Simon Leggett
    Managing Director at Timstar Laboratory suppliers

    I had the pleasure of working with David whilst we were both at The Consortium (The UK`s leading Educational supplies company). David was hired to integrate the Devon Supplies business that he was previously responsible for and lead our Consortium Services value proposition within the UK. The challenging role needed a broad array of skills such as a “strategic approach” and “partnership development” whilst promoting The Consortium Services to Primary & Secondary schools, Academies and Learning Communities across the South West. I would happily provide recommendations directly for David.